Who are you guys? And why should I work with you?

961CODE team can and will enrich, empower your business in the market

We are a group of creative, passionate, expert and picky Software Engineers, Computer & Communications Engineers, Multimedia and Network Engineers, Architects, Interior Designers, Animators and Graphic Designers; 961CODE is mainly located in Lebanon, but we work on projects internationally.
We are here to enhance your business & take it to the next level.

Great! Let's talk about services!
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Training Courses

Web Design & Web Development

Brand Identity - Logo - Brochure - Flyer - Billboard

Android & iOS Mobile Application Development

Video Editing - Montage

3D Modeling - Drafting

Storyboard & Animation

SEO Plans for New & Existing Websites

How do you proceed with new clients?

5 steps to manage every new,project

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Can I have more info about your team?

We have some great, ideal talented staff

Our team is always expanding, more and more talents are joining us regularly.

961CODE - Team
Ali Khodor

CO-Founder, Web Dev.

961CODE - Team
Mohamad Abdallah

CO-Founder, SW Dev.

961CODE - Team
Mohamad Yassine

Project Manager

961 CODE - Team
Ibrahim Abdallah

Animator & Graphic Designer

961 CODE - Team
Mhd Hjz

Mobile App Developer

961CODE - Team
Amal Al Darwish

Interior Architect

961CODE - Team
Malak Berro


961CODE - Team
Ali Chahine

Network & Security Trainer

961CODE - Team
Aref Hammadi

Web Developer

Do you work with clients abroad, or just inside Lebanon?

961 CODE can have customers Worldwide, Everywhere!

Thanks to our international connections that we have built since 2014, in addition to the multilingual culture of our staff, we have worked with clients who speak Arabic, French and/or English, who are based in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, in addition to some projects for customers in USA and Europe.
Usually when the project is for a customer outside Lebanon, we get paid via PayPal, or international money transfer companies like Western Union, Money Gram, Shift...
So it's very easy to contact and pay us for any digital project and from any country!

  • Satisfied Clients

  • Quick Response

  • Meeting Deadlines

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Can I see some of your samples?

We have designed, developed some great projects

We are listing here a number - not all - of our best projects

What do your students, customers say about 961CODE?

What type of courses do you teach?

We give online digital design, coding and networking courses!

Our Location

  • Andalus bld. flr 7, Cleopatra Street, Beirut, Lebanon

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